Pallet Wall- Rustic Wood Cladding Boards m2- Reclaimed Sanded Uniform Size Tiles


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Pallet Wall - Reclaimed Wood  Cladding Boards per m2. 

Each piece is the same size making is super easy to work with and install.  

Perfect for feature walls, floor-to-ceiling pallet walls and furniture making. 


• Uniform size - same length, width & thickness

• No nails

• Kiln dried

• Smoothly sanded

• Tons of characterful patina - mix of different shades and tones


Dimensions of each board:

Length 350mm

Width 65mm

Thickness 19mm/20mm


45 pieces per sqm


We take the time to process our reclaimed wood boards into uniform measurements, so you get the authentic look but without the drawbacks.


Kiln Dried and kept in warm indoor conditions. The moisture content will be suitable for use indoors and even for furniture (between 3-8%). 


Please contact us if you'd like the tiles in a different size or in a wholesale quantity.