Our Upholstery Service



Our Upholstery Quotes include essential repairs works to the 'body' of the the fillings

It is possible to have a full frame up job where everything is taken off and built from new, this is possible also.

You can pay for your item and pay the upholstery cost separately upon completion.

We offer complimentary storage.

We usually facilitate the upholstery work as a FOC service, so for example we arrange for the item(s) to be delivered directly to the Upholsterers along your chosen and liaise with during the works. Upon Completion it may be possible for us to collect and store while we figure out a delivery date or the item(s) can be sent directly from the Upholsterers. The

Fabric: your choice. and you can have it delivered to us or the upholsterers depending on the timing.

Finer details of the upholstery finishes and trim etc can be chosen along the way. 



Do you sell Fabric?

Not at the moment. We can Suggest Suppliers.


Who Pays the Upholsterer?

Either but preferably you would pay them directly.