Pallet Furniture Product Care Instructions

You've happily purchased you Pallet Coffee Table or other timber based product from KONTRAST, and now your question is: "How do i keep my new piece of furniture looking its best?"


We are here to help. As we make only Solid Timber Furniture with the right care your purchase can last for years and will not become unusable, only aged. 


With all furniture

  • Always use coasters and place mats when placing hot drinks and food onto your furniture. When you spill never use chemicals such as bleach, or any abrasive materials to clean the furniture. Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays unless your furniture has a plastic coating, such as the kind used on kitchen tables and children's furniture. Simply wipe away spillages with a damp cloth as soon as possible.
  •  It is best to avoid placing your furniture near heat sources such as radiators. Temperature needs to be controlled as the furniture will expand and contract in extreme temperatures.
  • Added moisture may cause the timbers in your furniture to move slightly, so adequate ventilation should be provided to minimise this.
  • Try not to leave your furniture in constant direct sunlight, this could dry out the wood and lead to fading.
  • Light will, over a period of time, slightly alter the colour of your furniture, this is just part of the ageing process.
  • Some items of furniture are very heavy and awkward to lift. We recommend that you have 2 people to lift these items such as dining tables and beds. Do not drag the units as this will lead to damages.

Waxed furniture is not sealed like lacquered Furniture; therefore it will absorb the elements from its surroundings. If anything is spilt on the furniture make sure you act fast or it could be absorbed into the wood, leaving stains. This is exactly the same with hot pans and cups, rings will be left if the heated item is placed directly on to the waxed Furniture, we recommend using place mats where possible.

Care instructions: 

Dusting your furniture is best carried out with a damp soft cloth to stop the dust billowing and re-settling. Try not to use any strong spray polishes as this could seep under the waxed layer and cause cracks to occur. If the item of furniture is dirty and you cannot remove the mark or stain simply with dusting, you can use a damp cloth. Make sure you try to remove any excess water, and again follow the grain of the wood. Make sure to dry off the Furniture after you have finished.

We use furniture wax to seal the tops of our tables, this creates a water resistant barrier and adds to the durability of the timber. 


Apply wax to your Solid wood Furniture once or twice a year and this will help maintain the shine, the grain and keep the durability of your Pallet Furniture. 


KONTRAST waxed rustic table top

Re- waxing your KONTRAST. Furniture:

Your Solid Timber Furniture is going to need a thorough waxing, especially in its first few years in your home. Waxing helps the grain remain protected, helps the wood resist cracking and crazing, and of course keeps any finishes on your wood furniture in the best possible condition. This can be done with any Furniture wax you can purchase online.

Application: You want to apply the wax with a clean cloth. Move in the same direction as the grain, leave for approx 5 minutes, and then remove the wax by buffing, again following the direction of the grain. This allows for optimum protection within the grain while minimising streaking and air pockets, and Wax finish is simply stunning with reclaimed timber furniture. 

If you're in doubt about how to wax check out YouTube:


Wax is available in lots of timber colours, some add age, some keep the natural colour of the wood.

KONTRAST - Pallet Furniture Product Care Instructions - BRIWAX

Caution: When applying new wax finishes to your furniture the colours may differ. To make sure the colour is to your liking you may want to try the wax on the underneath of the table or somewhere not in plain sight so you can decide if the finish is to your taste or not.


Farmhouse Style products:

If your product has been painted white and is showing signs of age, you can happily give it a touch up with white matt paint. we use water based but if you decide later to go with gloss or eggshell finishes that will work also.


Here at KONTRAST we want you to enjoy your furniture from us for as long as possible so if you wanted to get your item professionally refinished or refurbished by us the manufacturer, please get in touch and we can arrange this for you.