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High End Designs of Original Rustic Furniture from Kontrast is the Only Way to Enhance Uniqueness with Quality

If you have been looking for original furniture, then Kontrast is the best and the only place to be. It is worth considering the fact that with original rustic furniture, you are entitled to quality as well as exquisite designs. You agree with me that uniqueness and quality are the most important things that you look when selecting a product. It is very crucial to make sure that quality from breath taking design is what graces your living room your office as well as your recreational areas. There are a number of products we design at Kontrast. There are a number of benefits of choosing original rustic furniture. Here are a number of products you need to consider ordering and buying for your living room, office and recreational places to make a statement.


The  Kalasaba Chevron coffee table

Chevron coffee table by isaac stradling at kontrast -  reclaimed pallet woodCertainly everyone loves the aroma that comes as a result of perfectly brewed coffee. However, in order for such a coffee aroma to auger well with your mood, you need a nice coffee table. That nice coffee table is the kalasaba Chevron Coffee Table. What makes this product the best for your coffee related needs? First of all, it is made from reclaimed and refurbished wood. The word reclaimed might sound like we design furniture from old wood but that is not the case. Reclaimed wood is that which has been used over a short period of time, let's say in a construction site and instead of throwing it away, we make sure that it becomes part of the much needed uniqueness. If you are a unique person, then why shouldn't your furniture be? At Kontrast, we design coffee tables which has the potential to boost your mood during your coffee time. With the reclaimed wood, we have a chevron patterned table which enhances the uniqueness of your table from any angle.


Breathe taking pair of Bedside Tables

Beside Tables - Farmhouse Style

With extensive experience producing original rustic furniture, Kontrast has also designed a pair of side tables that will leave your mouth open at first sight. Unlike other coffee tables, at Kontrast we design coffee tables using uniquely acquired pieces of wood. It is through such unique woods that we have been able to design high end coffee tables that will help you attain the need to remain natural. Its uniqueness has been associated with slim-line NOA Farmhouse Style. Far from being cheaper and affordable, the stands are made from uniquely folded metal bars. Your bed room looks perfect and natural. When everything surrounding you looks natural then you also feel natural. At Kontrast we design original rustic furniture while having in mind the need to ensure that you are always natural.


Industrial Pallets for you Industrial Use

farmhouse style pallet coffee table

Not only do Kontrast consider designing furniture mean for residential buildings but it is also keen on ensure that your industrial needs are catered for. We design industrial pallet coffee table designed in such a way that they can be moved around just like industrial pallets. This is one of our products that can serve various household needs and industrial needs where constant table movements are required. At Kontrast, any design is possible as long as you avail your specifications and dimensions. With reclaimed wood materials, we have always ensured that we are in a position to produce products that helps you working as well as living room seem warm and always natural.


The Log Slice Plant Stand KAND

log slice plant stand

Following the extensive Trend of original rustic furniture, we design furniture that promotes sustainability. Through our Log Slice stand, we have managed to enhance environmental sustainability through reclaiming wood logs and designing them into tables. You will agree with me that a log slice looks natural and fabulous when presented in places such as living rooms, club house and even farm houses. If you have been looking for something that will compliment your needs, then this is a perfect product for you.





Interior rustic furniture designs

pallet wall cladding

Far from movable furniture, we also design pallet walls which will certainly make your interior walls look unique and natural. With the use of reclaimed wood, we have succeeded in making sure that your interiors looks transformed, natural and attractive. With pallet walls, it is possible for you to order a revamp of your home, office and even your restaurant. Your restaurant will certainly bring about a wood mosaic look and this will be the basis of telling your customer “come back again because this is the place”.

The pallet walls can always be complemented by dining table with benches.  A dining table with benches might look old school but the current world is highly appreciative of the natural look of things. When something natural, then people tend to believe in them. With that idea, we design original rustic furniture which includes dining tables with benches just to make sure that you don’t live with faux but always natural. At Kontrast, you will always find uniqueness from our furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Zak & Elery Stradling

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