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What's with the product names?!


Whats with the product names?!

Yes, you've probably noticed - most of our reclaimed wood furniture items have very odd-sounding IKEA-ish names. Some of them can be quite tongue-twisting!
If you've tried pronouncing one or two, you might be wondering what do these words mean? 

Here's the deal. All these Scandinavian sounding product names are actually Estonian Words.  Yet, they are not 'just words', but appropriately describe a certain aspect or a story behind each of our handmade rustic items.
Why Estonia? Well, my co-founding wife is originally from this small country in Northern Europe. 

With a population only just over 1 million, forests cover about 50% of the entire teReclaimed Woodrritory of Estonia. This is nearly 2 million hectares.
Making products from reclaimed wood that has at some point been imported mainly from Estonia and its neighbours, it made a lot of sense to tie our product names in with it. 















The very first product we created from reclaimed wood was the Pallet Coffee Table 'ESMA'. 

Pallet Coffee Table - Farmhouse Style by Isaac Stradling

The real truth is that things moved so fast, we didn't actually have name for it to begin with, so it was named 'Table #1'. Isn't that creative!?

In Estonian language 'Esma' means 'First'. 




The second Pallet Coffee Table we made had some very slight design changes and improvements. 

Later it became our best selling coffee table or as some would say, a flagship.
The design became such a hit on social media winning over many hearts.
Soon after becoming the best selling coffee table on a well-known handmade good selling platform, we decided to legally protect the design. 
LEMMIK Pallet Coffee Table in Farmhouse Style by Isaac Stradling
The name 'Lemmik' is very self-explanatory and just came to us given the above.
In Estonian it means 'Favourite'. 
We reckoned, this sounds better than "Table #2"   




Our third coffee table design 
was made from a pallet previously used to ship Turf.

Pallet Coffee Table 'Turvas' in Farmhouse Style with wheels by isaac stradling

'Turvas' = 'Turf' or 'Peat'


Fourthly, We only had these items for the first couple of months,

then our customers asked for a TV stand, this we made, and named quite simply 


Pallet TV Stand TELE-ALUS in Farmhouse Style by isaac stradling


Then number 5 was a Side Table

Very Simple design, we named it 'LAUAKE' = Little Table

Reclaimed Wood Side Table - LAUAKE by isaac stradling


Our Sixth Product (again a Pallet Coffee Table) was an improved rustic version of a four legged idea we had seen online. We changed the construction design, the colour and hey presto our second best selling product arrived we named it:

'AHVIMA' = CopyCat

Pallet Coffee Table AHVIMA in roast coffee finish by isaac stradling


Then a pallet style side table, which we later named Lemmik Side Table

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Side Table - by isaac stradling







Zak & Elery Stradling

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